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20 March 2011

piles of gloves

This is a very disorganised pile of most of my vintage (and some newer) gloves.  You may have noticed I love gloves, and I love Autumn because that’s probably the perfect season for gloves.

short mustard gloves

Most of these gloves belonged to my Nana Shirley, my dad’s mum, she had several very long gloves, both black and white, long leather and long kid gloves.  She also had many pairs of short gloves, just to the wrist, and although long gloves are a must for evenings out, the short gloves are just perfect any day or any night, the mustard ones above are slightly fleecy inside, so very snug for those cool winter morning walks..

blue cinch gloves

Another sweet detail, a cinched top of the glove, these are short navy gloves and will go with loads of outfits.

beige button gloves

This beige pair are so soft to wear, and they have lovely clean and shiny buttons, I have never worn them, but one day will – the problem with white or lighter colours is of course keeping them clean!  Modern long gloves usually are made from stretch fabric and so do not need beautiful buttons to fasten then, such a shame really.

long coffee embroidered gloves

These mid forearm length coffee coloured gloves are one of my rarely worn favourites, so pretty with the detailing.

cream embroidered gloves

Another pair of beautifully detailed gloves, just over the wrist and hardly worn.

mauve embroidered pearl gloves

Mum gave me a couple of pairs of mauve gloves, at different times, she loves mauve.  Here’s a close up of the embroidery…

mauve embroidered pearl gloves detail

These are mostly short gloves…

too many gloves again!

These are pale turquoise long fingerless gloves and I think they were my Nana Shirley’s bridesmaid’s gloves.

long blue lace gloves

Most of them spread on the table…

too many gloves

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