Ménages à trois

21 March 2007

synthetic fibre, 2007



About this work

Playfulness, humour and nonsense are key aspects of my practice. The quirky art and illustrations of Dr Seuss have inspired me to invent my own worlds inhabited with bizarre creatures – animal plants. The many and varied forms of life that exist in marine environments are of special interest to me, and I enjoy exploring their relationships, their structures and habits, so alien to terrestrial life.

These objects may seem absurd and dysfunctional, but I intended to create a sense of wonder for the viewer, that they may experience the fun and playfulness involved in making them.

As a process of iteration and repetition, crochet begins with a slip knot and involves creating a series of loops using a hooked needle, altering the topology of the original material from a simple length into a complex three dimensional form. Fascination with the ability to control and manipulate these materials has driven my practice, resulting in ‘mutations’ of traditional crochet stitches.

Just sent this baby down to the Norsewear Art Award 2007, fingers crossed…

Looks like all the entries have been recieved – tonnes of publicity on this one so far!

Check out Stuff.co.nz’s articles below: 


Carefull unpacking


…and there’s always one, people just freakout at anything don’t they?

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