Lemon and Rose moisturiser – a recipe!

27 August 2012

These little jars of sweetness, my lovely Lemon and Rose hand cream, are probably my most popular recipe for workshops, so I thought I’d share a slightly modified version for you to try.  You don’t really need any special equipment, you probably have everything you need in your kitchen – here’s a list:


Two pyrex or similar heat proof glass jugs, 2 – 4 cup volume.

Pots that fit the jugs, for water.

Stick blender.

Jars for storing your cream, with lids, dark or amber glass is best.

Measuring spoons, knife and spoons for stirring, a spatular.

Scales, that work in small increments.

As for ingredients, you’ll probably need to shop online, but you maybe able to find your oils and beeswax from healthfoodor organic shops.  Here it is:


Lemon and Rose Cream


3 Tablespoons refined rosehip oil

35 gms Beeswax

20 gms Shea butter, refined

6 Tablespoons rosewater

½ teaspoon Vitamin E

½ teaspoon essential oil of Lemon

Place the first three ingredients in a heat proof glass jar, held in a pot of simmering water (a baine-marie), melt and hold over heat for 25 minutes (65 degrees is ideal).

In another heat proof glass jar, gently warm rosewater for approximately five minutes, it is ideal to have the waters and oils at approximately the same temperature to combine.

After the oils and waxes have been hot for 25 minutes and you are ready to combine, add vitamin E and lemon essential oil the oils and waxes, then slowly add the warmed rosewater, blend immediately. Continue to blend the cream until it is well combined and smooth. If separation occurs, return to heat and blend again. Continue to blend as it cools, this may take about 10 minutes.

Finally, pour into sterile jars, this makes approximately 120mls. You might like to place the jars in the refrigerator to cool, this is also a suitable place to store until you are ready to use them.  Remember to label and date your pots.  You can read more about my best ingedrients, up coming workshops over at Bella Luna.

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