In twenty years.

19 December 2012

Twenty years ago today, my dad didn’t come home from work. Can’t believe how the years go by so. Yet, I remember the evening like it was yesterday.

This day, 20 years ago, Lady Hawk was the late night Saturday movie, and probably right about now, we had a knock on the door, by a police officer, compassionately informing us that dad had been involved in a serious car accident, and after two hours had been cut from his car. At about 7pm another driver had been driving too fast for the conditions, and after loosing control of his car, crossed the center line, as dad was coming around the corner.  We had heard the emergency siren, calling the fire brigade.

By the time we arrived at the hospital, it was too late, and he was dead.  The following days and weeks, months are a blur, of friends and family, of mum’s worst breakdown.  Of children and adults lost.

Everything changed, and nothing has changed, I walk around a little bit empty, and I realise that I am still waiting for dad to come home.

Always in our hearts.

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