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25 October 2012

So, summer is just around the corner.. I had all these great plans to whip up a swimsuit, a couple of beach set dresses, you know the ones that convert into a pair of shorts and a wee halter top when you cleverly undo the skirt?  Well, I guess I was going to get all this done instead of sleeping…

I’ve also become a bit excited as I’ve picked up some good fabric finds at the local Hospice shop, fabric remnants, at 2-3 meter lengths, for between $2-$4 per meter… good prices, some vintage fabrics, polyester and blended woven fabrics, and other older feeling (and smelling!) fabrics… can’t just leave the stuff there can I?!  Then there was the day I was fossicking in the fabric section at the opshop when a woman working there, brought out THRE BOXES OF FABRIC, saying I ought to look in them, I mentioned I was a sewer, and she goes on to say that there are boxes and boxes of fabric out the back…  I was all nonchalant, “Oh cool” and thinking, “Jeezus, don’t tell me that..”

When I pick new fabric and patterns, I tend to pull everything out, and do a bit of match making, this is a long and fluid process, I have found that sometimes the delay I experience between having what I need and making the time to sew gives me the chance to reconsider, test out the fabrics and make changes.  I also find this really exciting, so far, I’ve had enough zippers, etc. from nana and mums stash, AND when I was last at my mums place, I was saying how “All I’ve need to buy so far is thread!”  Mum said, “Oh why didn’t you say?  I have tins of thread you could use”.  “Aaah, yes, of course you do..” I thought, why on Earth didn’t I think of that?

So this is what I have lined up… and I’ll tell you where I’m at if you want to know.

This was a cool 3 meter piece of a slightly stretchy fabric, like the texture and the brown looked like a good beach/park outfit.  Fabric was $8, and the thread, zipper and facing was from the stash.
I also thought if I had enough, I could whip up a pair of pants or shorts.. using this:

The dress is all but done, and deserves another post entirely, and I deserve some kind of medal for effort.  I have enough fabric for a pair of shorts (wohoo!).

This is beautiful crepe de chine, and at 2 and a half meters, there’s enough for a frock!  Wohoo.  So, the dress on the left, (black and sleeveless) is the one I’m keen on, and I have it all cut out and ready to sew from a piece of purple, lightweight softly woven fabric (I know, I know, do a burn test..).  I don’t think I have enough for a full skirt, so might make (again) the white version on the left.

This is another piece of crepe, and another option for this dress, though, this is a smaller piece of fabric, just 2 meters.. so might allocate it to another project.  Nice fabric though huh.  And just look at that perfectly matching thread?

Now, onto some of the lovely woven fabric’s I found, this is I think a wool blend, it rubs slightly and when I did a burn test it didn’t go as black and form the kind of hard drop I expected, also it smelt like burning hair.  This pattern I picked up from the Vintage Textile Fair, and is complete and I love the unusual side panels.  And the collar.

I also found some nice woven pieces, black, dark blue AND pink.

These are some ideas, I’m yet to make a suit, it feels like a huge undertaking, but these are my options.  At the moment I’m loving the shape of the top pattern, I think the fit would be flattering.

Here is this other pattern I’ve been sitting on for ages, I love love love it.  And am more scared to start because I think it might be so lovely.  I know that doesn’t make sense, but I suppose it’s all extra pressure..  It will have to be perfect, absolutely.

So, it truns out that the wovens are all synthetics, no wrickles, easy care.. and here’s the pink, and doesn’t it just whisper, politely, Jacquie O?  I’m thinking a straight dress, with a clean cut jacket, will probably combine two patterns, I have some dress patterns that may work and I could try one of the jackets, above or perhaps a bolero, from this pattern.

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