Fashion a Visual History – good reading

18 April 2012

I get a bit carried away with books I Must Have, but this gets somewhat expensive, so in an effort to control my habit, I’ve been requesting and borrowing many more books from our library… great thing is, I have these wishlists all over the place, and slowly I borrow and read the books, so see if they belong here in our home..

With all my sewing fun times, I’ve been so tempted to get more and more books about fashion and sewing…

So, this book, Fashion; A Visual History from Reghency and Romance to Retro and Revolution by N J Stevenson.  And, no surprise, I Love It.

Here are some teasers, see what’s inside… 1920s.

Some of my most favourite outfits and designers. 1930s…


And from my favourite era, 1950s..

and more.

and, yes, more still.

Into the 1960s now, I actually have a gingham stash, and well, seeing this, I’m hoping there’s enough for a shift dress!

Love the red dress too!

1960s sci fi, see?  Pretty much my all time best fashion era.


Dior and Chanel would probably be my all time favourite designers, though really so different.  Can you have too many red dresses?  I think not.

And finally, the 1980s…

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