fabric stash…

29 January 2011

old curtains

In my sea horse sewing frenzy I have sorted through some of the fabric pieces and remnants I’ve had stashed away for ages. The piece above is actually a set of very old curtains I kept when we moved out of the Bowling Club, they were converting the flat so I figured the old curtains were not needed, sneaky I know.  Sadly, after a wash and a perished-or-not test (a very firm yank near the edge of the fabric) they are pretty much falling apart, too much sun and probably cigarette smoke I imagine.

I had planned to make a dress, but never mind, the fabric below is from a hideously unflattering but well made vintage dress I picked up a little while back and it will make a very pretty sea horse I just know it!  Hopefully I can get a starfish out of it too, and maybe a purse…  we will see.

old dress

Lastly, I have an old sheet that was too pretty for the rag bag or to throw out, but had torn a little and so no good for the bed…  the edges are still nice and thick and will make snuggly sea horses and scallop softies.  All going well, I’ll cut into it this evening – wohoo!

old sheets

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