Cupcake pin cushion kit instructions

kit and cupcakes


Did you just buy one of these babies at a market or online?  Here are more photos and the instructions if you get stuck..  And I’d love to know what you thought of the kit, and see a photo of your one!  Have you liked my Facebook page?  It’s here.


There is quite a good youtube blanket stitch tutorial (not by me!) here.  This photo is taken after I have sewn a few stitches already, but it’s still the same, imagine the thread is coming from the back of the fabric and you’ve just pulled it through…


step one


Loop the thread around the end of the needle…


step two


Keep pulling it through and go on to the next stitch…


step three




Your kit contains:

Felt fabric pieces; one large circle, the top of the cupcake, one band of felt, the middle part, and a smaller circle which is the base.

Brown thread, and coloured thread to match the icing, pins to decorate and use in assembling the cupcake.  One needle, one small card circle, also part of the base and stuffing.


Here are some photos of the blanket stitch, it’s really easy, and if you’ve never used it, by the time you have finished this cupckae you’ll be a pro!  I love using blanket stitch, it’s strong and looks great, it’s works so well with felt.


You will need a pair of scissors.


icing on


Step one, sew on icing:

Place the icing piece of felt on the large circle, and pin it in place.  Thread your needle using the thread that matches the icing colour and using blanket stitch, sew on the icing on.


waist band


Step two, sewing the band:

Thread your needle with the brown cake coloured thread, place both ends of the band together, and sew up the band, starting at the shorter end (which will be the bottom of the cupcake) and working up, I use blanket stitch here too.  Note, the inside of the band is now the outside of the cupcake, so you are working right-side in.  Now you are ready to attach the top iced pice to the band.


part two


Step three, sewing the top onto the band:

Remember that the icing side is the right side and must be facing in.

This gets a little tricky as the circumference of the top of the cup cake is greater than the rim of the band, but as you will see this helps to give the cupcake a realistic shape.  Before you start to sew, it is helpful to pin the piece roughly together, do this by pining the top of the cupcake on in quarters, gathering the top loosely around the base, maybe use four pins, but to help keep it more even, add another four in the gaps.  Then when you have it fairly evenly pinned then start sewing, I again use blanket stitch as it helps to keep the edges of felt from coming apart.  As you work your way around you can shape and adjust the way the fabric gathers and do use the pins if it helps.  Nearly there!


Here are a few pictures so you know how I pin mine up…


part two pining


part two pining up around


part two pining up around stiched




part two done


Step four, stuffing and finishing;

Now you need to carefully turn the cupcake the right way out and stuff it, and sew on the base, so gently push it in the right way, pushing out the gathered top.  Stuff the cup cake with most of the stuffing, I use smaller pieces so I can push the top out and give it a good shape, use the stuffing to emphasise the rounded top.  When you have it mostly full, place the cardboard disc into the bottom of the cupcake, then place the felt circle on top, the card board keeps the base flat so it wont topple over!  Pin the felt circle in place and using blanket stitch, start sewing around til you are about half way.  Now you need to use the left over stuffing, push it in so the cupcake feels firm, and finish sewing to complete the cupcake.


part two done right way out

part three stuffing

part three sewing

part three sewing2

part three sewing disc in



Remember the finished product!


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