Cookies? Without sugar? Mad!

11 March 2011

But so yummy!

choc raisin cookies on the tray

I picked up a copy of Sugar-Free Toddlers at my La Leche League group.  I have browsed through the recipes, none I have tried, but it gave me some ideas.  I go off and on with my regular baking, at the moment I do dairy free scones whenever their called for, this time, I thought I’d make some cookies.  I found the recipes called for dried fruits or fresh pureed fruits instead of sugar, so I used 250 gms of Olivani, to which I added about three good handfuls of raisins.  It took a good 10 minutes to cream the mix with my trusty stick blender, raisins take more effort than sugar and butter!
The mix was a caramel colour and there were smallish chunks of raisins in it, then I added three cups of flour, about a teaspoon of baking powder, mixed it through, rolled into balls, squished down with a fork and popped it in the oven!  To these ones I added a half cup of cocoa powder, I like really rich cocoa choc cookies, so add less if you prefer.

choc raisin cookies

I usually bake half the mix, and roll up into balls the remaining mix, which I place in a zip bag to grab and bake when I need a quick plate of goodies for a coffee morning.  It works really well, I just take them out to defrost, about ten minutes or so.  I bake them as I do the fresh batch, about 10 minutes on 180 degrees.  Yum!  They taste different to cookies with refined sugar, more fruity and rich, but Luna loves them, and so do I.

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