Before I left the house

3 July 2012

Before I left the house this morning I took a train to Italy, Florence, in particular to go to some galleries.  We ate breakfast in the dining car, breakfast was fruit and crepes, and a cup of coffee (hot).  I was both the conductor and tour advisor at the beginning of the journey.

I read two books, about Star Wars. C3 PO and the little Storm Trooper built a secret tunnel, to read more books in.  Even before breakfast the two small people needed some help using the bathroom, and I assisted in buttoning up pajamas after the first undress and snuggle in warm blankets.

Actually, before I’d left the bedroom I breastfed Blake, gave Luna morning cuddles, and did more of the same at some point while getting ready to go out.

Before I left the house this morning, I facilitated good relations between two emerging nuclear powers, at least three times, and cleaned ‘paint’ (milk) off the dinner table twice.  And reminded a pencil welding Blake that ‘we draw on boxes and paper, not the walls’, which we then wiped clean.

Before I left the house this morning all family members, the small ones that is, were dressed in nearly weather appropriate clothing, non-matching socks, and had remembered to put on undies and wipe faces.  I also managed a speed shower (door LOCKED), tooth/hair brush and quick sluice down of shower walls.

Before I left the house this morning I washed up breakfast dishes, made snack packs, filled drink bottles, grabbed extra warm clothing and turned the dehumidifier ‘on’ – and plugged it in.

All this before leaving at 10am for a 10.30 appointment.  All this with only minor frustration about books being more interesting than getting dressed.

This is an exercise to see what I ‘do’ get done everyday, I’m finding myself dwelling on or getting stressed out about what I have failed to ‘do’ in a day.

What didn’t I do?  Well… I forgot to feed the cat (who had left overs in his bowl..phew) didn’t take out the washing that has been in the machine for two days, I didn’t reply to two texts, and I’ve got unknown number of emails I need to ‘quickly answer’… bigger things on my mind, an overdue gst return, looming IR3′s to complete, I’d REALLY like for the floors to be vacuumed and I haven’t packed my bag for the sewing night tonight.

I’d love to spend the next 5 hours in my sewing room, but I’ll get a few moments now, I have had a hot cup of tea and the cat is on my lap.  And there is another day tomorrow, and some time with artsy and craftsy friends tonight, thank the Moon and Stars.

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